Hi there.

It's been a while since I posted my last blog last year.

For today, I decided to write a blog again to check my English profanity.

Actually, I have been studying IELTS academic since last summer using Merise English online plan below.

The reason is I’m preparing to study at university.

Me, like a non-native English speaker, it is hard to write a blog in English.

However, I consider it is super beneficial to improve My English ability.

So let me introduce why I’m studying English.

Let’s get started.

Firstly, I want to work abroad in the future as a software of data scientist.

both jobs are in high demand and have high salaries.

In addition, I like new technology related to AI or data science.

Secondly, our country Japan is economically stable It means negative.

According to statistics, our salary doesn’t increase last 30 years.

I consider It is a significant problem in Japan.

Thirdly, the population is rapidly dropping in the last few decades.

It influences me a lot.

Even though the population is rapidly declining government did not support those who want to have children.

I hope some politicians support them economically.

Overall, I think it is better to learn English for my future to get a better job and better life with my future wife.

I hope you can see this blog then start Learning English with Merise eikaiwa.

See you.